"Roger teaches mental strongness in every aspect of the game."

- Shawn Marion - NBA All Star, World Champion

Roger Kirtz Mental Skills

M.A. Sports Psychology


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The ability to have a clear mind and stay positively focused during competition is crucial in order for an athlete to be confident and successful. Keeping our minds positively focused, and our bodies relaxed and poised to perform under pressure situations are challenges all athletes experience during competition. The difference between performing at our best under pressure and merely playing, is the ability to control our minds and bodies when it matters most. The difference between success and failure depends on it.


We all hear the phrases shouted - "Focus!", "Visualize success", "One play at a time", "First Serve", "Just throw strikes" and all of the other cliches that we hear over and over. While those phrases are true, knowing how and where to put our minds in order to achieve this is what's critical in order to be successful.


We are not born with this skill set, rather they are learned and developed, and imperative in order to consistently perform at your best.


My method offers practical application from both on and off the playing field. These essential skills are tangible and easy to implement into your performance, which equals results. My methods are proven and have yielded multiple championships in various team and individual sports professionally, collegiately, and with elite amateur athletes.



- Confidence

-Mental Toughness




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