Mental Skills

Each athlete is unique and requires an individual program that is specifically catered to their needs and situation. Together, I work with that athlete to learn and apply a combination of mental skills that will allow ultimate growth and peak performance.


Paul George and I the summer prior to him cracking the starting line up with the Indiana Pacers. We discussed the difference between knowing you're a great player and the confidence to know how to get back on track using a mental rhythm.


DeMarre Carroll and I worked the summer before he signed with Atlanta Hawks. At that time he was out of the NBA. We used a scaling system and road map to identify skill set goals and a path to achieve them. DeMarre signed a $60 million dollar contract in the 2015 off season.


1. Positive vs. Negative Stories

The ability to not only understand our positive and negative thoughts but how to proactively move from negative to positive when it occurs.

2. Goal Setting

Learning how to appropriately set goals that develop skills (process goals) as well as attainable yardsticks that lead you towards larger goals.

3. Scaling Skills

Athletes will learn how to use a scaling system to gain a better understand not only their destination or desired abilities, but also their current level of performance of a particular skill.

Example- when I'm an all star my ability to field ground balls will be a 10 on a scale 1-10. Today however, I would rate myself a 7. Now that player has a baseline to set goals to move not from 7 to a 10, but rather from 7 to an 8.

4. Building a Road Map

Player and coach can set a 1 month road map of how they will get there. The types of drills they will use to "attack" that skill in order to grow.

5. Mental Rhythm

We often hear that a player looks out of rhythm. Its usually something physical or mechanical. Utilizing mental rhythm techniques, a player can get back into their preferred physical rhythm quicker.

6. Visualization

I teach Correct Visualization methods as utilized by Military Snipers and Blue Angel flight squads in order to repeat desired performance and results.

7. Focused Breathing/Relaxation

The ability to stabilize heart rate and calm nerves through relaxation.

8. Routines

A 10 minute, 3 step active combination of focused thought coupled with physical action utilized in preparation for a relaxed focused performed skill.

My method offers practical application from both on and off the playing field. I create an individually catered mental skills guide unique to that individual or team.



- Confidence

-Mental Toughness




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