Actor's Pre-Audition Routine

Actor Mental Skills

"Pre-Performance Routine"

Performing at your best requires you to maintain your confidence, focus , and at the same time block out negative thoughts and distractions. Additionally, managing your nerves through a controlled heart rate will enable you to be free to let your talent take over and shine.


In order to be able to command the above skills you must have a reliable, battle tested pre performance or pre audition mental skills routine.


These are LEARNED skills and separate from Acting skills.


You will learn how to utilize the same mental skills used by successful athletes, whose living depends upon their ability to perform under pressure, as does yours!


What these athletes have learned is a 10 minute Pre- Performance Routine.


I will teach you this 3 step, 10 minute routine that will allow you to have complete singular focus as well as controlled relaxation and enable you to consistently perform at your best.

Tiffany Atwood


RPM Talent Group/ The Agency


 After working with a select group of our actors who were uber talented but for some reason not closing the deal with casting directors and producers, Roger turned my potential money makers into BOOKERS. He worked with 37 of our actors and after working with some of them for as little as 1 session produced callbacks, bookings and/or major breakthroughs in commercial, print or theatrical projects in 93% of the artists we represent.


As an agency owner, talent must BOOK or talent really doesn't matter! If artists are in their own way, not the best acting teacher, not the strongest agent, and not even the best pitch by casting,  can help if you are sabotaging yourself.  Why spend thousands of hours and dollars training your body, on your appearance, and on your craft, and not have a technique in place for your mind- which orchestrates the entire process? Roger's program will help you in all areas of your life. Can't recommend his process enough!

SUCCESS STORIES that followed RPM’s first workshop with Roger:


Heidi James: BOOKED Dr. Del (Pilot)

Chala Savino: BOOKED Barbershop 3 & SOY NEGRO (Features)

Danielle Kelly: BOOKED GeicoCommercial & STREET SIGNS (Feature)

Robert Seay: BOOKED 2 National Commercials

Myke Wilken: BOOKED 1 National Commercial


  +++ numerous callbacks, pins and avails


John Tucker, Star of "Kingdom"

Amanda Markowitz, Lead "Love Meet Hope" Opposite Ed Asner, Coming Soon


- Confidence

-Mental Toughness




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